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Serving students, districts and families in 宾西法尼亚

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我们的学校 & 教室 Across the 状态


In-District 教室

Serving students in their home school, through partnership with their district.

美高梅平台登录 Today

A Personalized Approach for Nari

Nari’s mom had one goal for her daughter: to find an educational environment that aligned with her own girls for her daughter. Hear about Nari’s success at the High Road Program of Philadelphia and why the relationship she has built with the staff.

Spotlight: Anthony Wayne Academy of Philadelphia

Anthony Wayne Academy of Philadelphia partners with Mastery Charter Schools and KIPP Philadelphia Schools working together to create a positive school culture. Through the student leadership program of ownership, 问责制, and incentives the development of pro-social behaviors allows for an increase in academic learning and engagement.

A Peek Inside 我们的学校 & 教室

员工亮点:先生. 鲍比

罗伯特先生. 鲍比”Lattanzi, a teacher at the High Road Program in Philadelphia, shares tips and insights in how to support our students. Thank you for going beyond the classroom to make a positive impact on students during this “new normal”.

An Individualized Approach

At our schools and classrooms in 宾西法尼亚, our certified teachers and staff provide individualized academic and behavioral interventions for students who have not found success in the traditional classroom. In both our AEDY programs and our 美高梅平台 classrooms, we serve students with intensive special needs, 行为问题, or coexisting disabilities.




Alternative Education

Service Models and Solutions

We serve students from schools districts and charter schools across the state both in our schools or in a separate district run facility. Regardless of location, the proprietary methodology we implement in all locations fulfills all state and student IEP requirements, creates customized academic and behavior modification plans, provides vocational and transitional services, and delivers related services.


Partnering with public and charter schools across the state to provide our high-caliber special education programs and fulfill individualized student placement need in our own standalone schools.

In-District 教室

Developed and delivered within a district building or school, we serve students within their home districts, reducing the need for our-of-district placement.


学生s experience a combination of direct academic instruction, behavior modification, and peer 问责制 with the goal of getting students back to their home school.